Skt: Uttarakurunaukadandin  Lat: Sarpens Viccingi  Eng: The Longships
top: · Wild Mint · Birch · Pine Needles · Pepper ·
heart: · Seaweed · Yarrow · Fir Balsam · Cedar · Honey ·
base: · Ambergris · Driftwood · Hay · Leather · Musk ·

Marketing nonsense: Inspired by the eastward journeys of our viking ancestors. From the defrosting spring forests of the Svear, the dragon-headed longships cut the waves of the Baltic, heading south east to trade honey and furs for gold, silver, silk and spices.


Skt: Kaala  Lat: Nigredo Tenebrae  Eng: Blackest
top: · Camphor · Cardamom · Ink ·
heart: · Patchouli · Leather · Myrrh ·
base: · Castoreum · Tar · Vanilla ·

Marketing nonsense: Travelling through deepest darkness. A star in the night sky, the deeper the blackness, the clearer you will see its light shine.


Skt: Vaanaambara  Lat: Vanillia Animalis  Eng: Vanir
top: · Bergamot · Cinnamon · Cloves · Neroli · Pink Pepper ·
heart: · Coriander · Cistus · Rose · Benzoin · Labdanum ·
base: · Vanilla · Civet · Castoreum · Opoponax ·

Marketing nonsense: The longing for a distant utopia, a home we never knew, is as old as mankind itself. It compels us to travel, seek new ways and also comforts us when real life seems far from ideal. A familiar dream of the unfamiliar. A rebellious tribute to tradition and the knowledge of those who went before us.


Skt: Bhasmagandhaa  Lat: Cinis Cinerem  Eng: Ashes to Ashes
top: · Black Pepper · Gun Powder · Guiac ·
heart: · Tobacco · Galbanum · Olibanum · Rose ·
base: · Cade · Oud · Coffin Wood · Birch Tar · Ashes ·

Marketing nonsense: Distant but clear memories of gunpowder smoke, tobacco, a big tweed coat. Comfort and warmth, protection from the chaos and cold. Utterly familiar, infinitely loving.
Par Fumum – Through smoke. Where perfume began and where it ends.


Skt: Svaahaa  Lat: Ignis Sacer  Eng: Sacred Fire
top: · Olibanum · Cardamom · Long Pepper · Ghee · Ginger ·
heart: · Imortelle · Cinnamon · Turmeric · Deodar · Caramel · Methi ·
base: · Myrrh · Labdanum · Ambrette · Goat Hair · Hyracheum · Embers ·

Marketing nonsense: Representing the element of fire and the many uses it has served in rituals from everyday life in the simplest abode to the most grandiose ceremonies conducted in temples, palaces and ceremonial grounds. Fire made us human in basic and biological as well as cultural ways, through the cooked food to the gathering and storytelling around the fire to perfuming places and persons with the scented smoke from resins and woods. The embers, the flames, the rising tendrils of fragrant fumes.